Welcome to the Local Network WSS Scanner

This tool enables you to quickly scan IP addresses within your local network for WebSocket Secure (WSS) connections. The scanner tests various common IP ranges and provides a detailed breakdown of the scan results. It categorizes successful connections, failed attempts, and timeouts separately for ease of analysis. Additionally, the scan results include the response time for each IP address and convenient links to each identified IP. Please note that the tool uses a default concurrency limit to maintain the performance and stability of your network during the scanning process.

You may also want to try our router scanning tool or webscan by samyk.

Tested Prefixes

Favicon IP Prefix Status Scan Status Time (ms)

Timeout Prefixes: 0

Successful Connections [device found]

Favicon IP Address Status Time (ms)

Failed Connections [device may exist on this IP]

Favicon IP Address Status Time (ms)

Timeouts [likely no device on this IP]

IP Address Status Time (ms)